Do Realtors Need Photographers?

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Take a look at the images below. Two identical pictures of the Mackinac Bridge, two of the kitchen area of a property. The first image in each case has not been enhanced, the second image has been enhanced. These are great examples of how a decent looking image can turn extraordinary with some knowledge and skill during the shoot and after the fact. Obviously the second images in both cases are far superior than the first. It’s a safe bet that customers would rather have the second example of the kitchen displayed in their listing as they are a more accurate representation of the subject.

Experience, Equipment and Composition  Make A difference! Establishing you brand as a Realtor is CRUCIAL to your success. It’s important to set your listings apart from your competition’s with professional , dynamic images.

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  • Photos Are Overwhelmingly Viewed First In Real Estate Listings. (Journal Of Real Estate Research)


  • Hiring A Professional Photographer Costs 0.09% Of The Median U.S. Home Price. (Digital Photography Review)


  • Initial Impressions Are Critical. Not Only For The Home Being Listed, But Also For The Realtor Who Invests In Good Marketing Materials. (Jane Daniels Marketing Research)


  • Offering A Home Seller Professional Photography Has Tremendous Value Not Only For Them But The Agent As Well. (Laura Ur, CEO Keenability Marketing)


Review A Portion Of My Real Estate Portfolio HERE.